Electric Massage Table

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you are serious about your work as a massage therapist and you want the most comfort and ease when dealing with your clients, then you will want an electric massage table. An electric table provides you with hassle-free adjustment abilities that a manual table could never allow. With the push of a button, your client is at the height where you can best work on them.

Electric gadgets are just more fun these days. Unless, of course, there is a power outage, but who would continue working even if your table was not electric? Having this kind of table at your practice causes people to trust you. They see that you have invested in newer technology, that you don't have an outdated or poorly constructed table made many years ago, and they know you are serious about what you do. They will relax more easily and become a more willing client.

Electric Massage Tables for the Greatest Ease

Another great aspect of operating an electric massage table is how easy it is. If you need your client to be a little higher or a little lower because of his or her size or the kind of massage you are performing, all you have to do is simply push a button. However, you cannot do this on a non-adjustable table. Or, if you have a manually adjustable table, you will have to interrupt your client's state of peace so that you can reset.

Only a few of the many massages I have enjoyed have been on an electric massage table. They were great massages. I got comfortable without the therapist in the room, and once he or she came in, the table was adjusted so I was at a better working height. I felt more pampered and that I had been better taken care of. Overall, my experiences with these tables have been wonderful.

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