Employee Stress

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The best way to deal with employee stress is by offering on site chair massages. An on site chair massage is a great way to turn employee stress into calm, concentration, and appreciation. Your employees will feel grateful that they work for a company where they are truly cared for and valued. Their work will be more focused and productive. In fact, increased performance quality will probably make up for the cost of the corporate massage!

Dealing with Employee Stress

Too many people deal with stress indirectly. They try to eat it away, smoke it away, or drink it away. As we all know, these remedies for dealing with stress are temporary at best. In fact, one can expect to feel worse after bingeing away stress.

The smartest way to deal with stress is to deal with it directly. It can be exercised away, massaged away, or relaxed away. I advocate a regimen of all three. Regular exercise helps one sleep better at night. It keeps muscles flexible and loose. It also keeps us at our fighting weight, which helps keep stressful fat off the body. Massage, of course, is a fantastic supplement to working out, as well as the most direct way to deal with stress trapped in the muscles and joints of the body.

If you sense that employee stress is keeping your employees from doing their best or from working as a team, treat them to a corporate massage. Many very successful companies offer this as a weekly perk for their employees. Others offer it strictly as a bonus treat. If you are regularly in the habit of ordering in lunch for your employees one day a week, why not discontinue that practice for awhile and begin the practice of offering corporate massage? Your employees will be very happy you did.

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