Instep Massage Chair

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you find that you are doing chair massage in varying locations, you may want to look into the Instep massage chair. Its light aluminum design makes it easily transportable. You won't need a forklift for moving this thing around. It is set up for comfort with a headrest, chest pad, and place for your arms, legs, and bottom. All of these areas are also very flexible so that the chair can accommodate all kinds of users.

The Instep massage chair is not only light but also folds quite compactly and can fit nicely in a carrying bag. This is an entry level chair which is good for a non-professional massage enthusiast or home use only. It is nice if you need a chair for very little money. It is designed ergonomically for comfort. The chair is made with pads filled of foam, and the chair is easy to wipe down after each use. Owning and using a massage chair is great for on-the-go massages. Clients can just sit down, get a little stress-relief, and be on their way.

On the Go with the Instep Massage Chair

You can take this chair practically anywhere and set up shop. There are several health food grocery stores in my area that have a particular section devoted to chair massage. The first time I noticed this, I was walking out of the bathroom. All of a sudden, I looked slightly to my left and there was someone, face down in a massage chair, shoes off, getting what appeared to be a lovely back massage. In the midst of all the grocery hustle and bustle, I wanted to sit down as well!

I also know of therapists who will work with a chair, such as the Instep massage chair, on the beach. I am all for this. In spas, you generally hear relaxing music, sometimes replications of ocean sounds. How great would it be to hear the ocean sounds, open your eyes, and actually see the ocean? This is definitely something I would pay money for.

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