Lexington Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you are going through a period of adjustment, I highly recommend regular massage therapy. Change brings stress. This is true whether the change is good, like an impending marriage, or bad, like the loss of a job. Whether you are moving, expecting a child, opening a business, starting therapy, quitting smoking, or going through a divorce, you'll be able to deal with the change a whole lot better with the aid of a massage.

Lexington Massage, Change and Stress

Even the most skeptical of doctors will tell you that stress damages the body. A doctor doesn't have to be a follower of alternative medicine to understand the value of releasing tension. Stress raises our blood pressure, restricts the flow of our blood and the flow of oxygen, and limits the range of our movement.

Releasing tension through Lexington massage has just the opposite effect. Your digestion will improve, as will your circulation and breathing. Relaxing will help you sleep better at night and concentrate better during the day. You'll be able to fight off sickness more effectively with an increased immune system.

What's more, physical touch can be a great relief during times of emotional stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed or alone, even a simple, friendly hand on the shoulder can make you feel a million times better. Imagine just how supported and connected a massage will make you feel.

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