Lexington On Site Chair Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you want your employees to feel appreciated, consider on site chair massages for your entire staff. An on site chair massage will make your employees feel like the luckiest workers in the entire world. It will also foster company loyalty and make your employees think you're the greatest boss who ever lived.

Lexington on site chair massages will improve productivity. If you offer massages to your employees once a week, you'll notice better concentration, communication, and morale. A 15 minute massage can win you hours of increased focus from your staff.

Lexington On Site Chair Massage and Absenteeism

Have you noticed employee absences a certain day of the week? Do employees stroll in late on Friday mornings looking suspiciously hung over, or miss Monday mornings altogether? Offer chair massages during those times, and watch absenteeism shrink to nothing.

If you feel you can't afford weekly massages for your workers, consider hiring a massage therapist for special events. This can be a great way of rewarding your sales people for a killer month of sales, or treating your event planners after a stressful event. Chair massages are a fantastic way to show your appreciation, thereby fostering more hard work and effort.

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