Written by Jen Nichol
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Massage has been around as long as mankind. People instinctively know that touch can heal, soothe, and invigorate. Athletes require massage to keep themselves at optimal training level, and their muscles can heal faster from injury with a quality sports massage. However, massage does so much more than just heal the physical muscles and tissues.

Studies are finding that massage actually helps normalize blood pressure. People who are cold all the time, and who suffer from low blood pressure, will benefit from the increased circulation that massage offers. People who suffer from high blood pressure will find that number lowering as they experience the relaxation that massage offers.

Massage Alleviates Stress

Touch alleviates stress, both emotional stress and physical stress. The work and strain that we put our bodies through, even if we sit at a desk all day, can be helped with massage. Sitting at a computer puts strain on our necks, shoulders, and lower backs. Massage can help us stay healthy and alert, even if we stare at a computer all day.

Another important aspect of massage is lymph drainage. We are bombarded with toxins day in and day out, and when we can more effectively flush these from our systems, the healthier and more vigorous we can be. Massage helps keep the lymph nodes clean and healthy, and allows us to be more resistant to disease.

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