Massage Accessories

Written by Liza Hartung
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Massage accessories are so much fun. Every time I go in for a massage and my therapist has some new tool that I have never seen before I think, "Oh, that's neat! My last therapist didn't have that." I feel like I'm privy to some new technology. It makes me, as a client, feel special and in good hands. This is how I want to feel when someone is going to be rubbing my back and legs. I want to get the most out of my session. Relaxing begins right when I meet my therapist.

Wonderful Massage Accessories

Sheets are obviously very important massage accessories. You don't want clients sticking to your table and feeling uncomfortable. You do, however, want your client to slip in between some nice sheets with a high thread count. This accessory, for me, makes all the difference. I had a session one time with thin, semi-soft sheets. I was cold most of the time and couldn't relax the way I wanted. During another session, my therapist had what felt like light flannel sheets. That was amazing--not too hot, not too cold, and oh-so-soft.

Speaking of soft and not sticking to a table, as a therapist you may want to invest in fleece covering. This is even more comfortable than sheets, and is easily washable. Even though it's fleece, your clients will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. If you don't want to use it on your whole table, I suggest having one of these massage accessories on your face rest. No one likes their cheeks pulled back by slick material.

Aside from accessories that assist the client, there are ones that will make the therapist's life easier. One is a stool. If you can sit during your session, do so. It will take the strain off your feet and spine. Also, a holster is a good idea. You can keep your oils and lotions tied around your waist for easy access. And don't forget carrying cases. If any part of your business is on the go, you'll want to carry the tools of your trade in the most compact way.

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