Massage Bolster

Written by Liza Hartung
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Are you sitting there wondering what a massage bolster is? I was. Even if you have had hundreds of massages, or even get them weekly, you still may not know. However, they are used all the time. It's that little pillow, usually cylindrical, that your therapist will put under your knees. It is used to take pressure off your knee joints, and put your body in a more natural, comfortable position.

A massage bolster provides support for a client's knees while he is lying face up on his back. When it is time for him to roll over, the bolster can be placed under the ankles, providing support for the legs and ankles. It is a very handy massage accessory. Although it is not necessary, many clients may have bad knees and need the extra support. Other clients will feel more relaxed and not as stretched out if they have one of these.

Massage Bolster for Comfort

There are several kinds of massage bolsters from which you may choose. The most common ones are the fully cylindrical ones. Others are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. This design keeps them from rolling around, causing constant adjustment. Another kind of bolster is a triangular one. This, too, can be used under the knees, but is usually used as a sternum pad. People with bad backs will thank you for having this accessory.

The main purpose of a bolster is to provide added comfort. The more comfortable your client is, the more easily he or she will relax. The more he or she relaxes, the easier your job becomes. The body bends naturally in certain places, and bolsters allow the body to do so with ease. The pressure on joints is lessened and thus the body is ready to let tension go.

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