Massage Face Rest

Written by Liza Hartung
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Both clients and therapists know how important it is to have a massage face rest. There is nothing a client dislikes more that a big crick in the neck. One of the most annoying decisions about lying face down is figuring out where to put your head. If you put it face down and try to align your spine in the best possible way, you squish your nose and cannot breathe. If you decide to turn your head to one side, you start to get a headache, you cut off your oxygen supply, and it really starts to hurt. What do you do then? You turn to the other side and the same thing happens.

A massage face rest is the perfect solution for this age-old problem. A massage face rest usually attaches to the end of a massage table. Some are built into the upper portion of a table. Either way, it is a padded oval with a hole in the middle. This allows your clients to align their spines in the most natural way. They can still breathe. Blood does not rush to the head or the feet. There are no annoying cramps.

Reasons for a Massage Face Rest

One thing that I really like, as a client, about using a massage face rests is that the therapist cannot see my face. I tend to really let things go when I get a massage. All the tension in my back usually releases itself in the form of tears. I feel so amazing when it's all over, but I don't need the therapist to see me cry. I was on my back once and started crying and the therapist felt so bad. I just wanted him to keep working. Using a face rest helps people relax because they know they aren't being watched.

You can get face rests in many styles. Some are linen. Some are made of a shinier material. All are stuffed for comfort, and you can get covers for them all. It is your choice as a therapist whether you want cotton covers or a fleece one. I have had both as a client and both are very nice. Cotton has a clean kind of comfort about it, while fleece offers more of a luxurious feeling.

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