Massage Table Fleece Pad

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you want your client to experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury, you will invest in a massage table fleece pad. Who wants ordinary sheets spread over a vinyl table when she can have a fleece pad to lie on? Personally, I would choose the fleece pad. It is much cozier. You feel as if you could just sink in and hibernate for years.

A Massage Table Fleece Pad for the Ultimate Comfort

If you want your client to relax and feel calm even before you set one finger on him, you should know that a massage table fleece pad could achieve that. Generally, when getting a massage at a spa or salon, the therapist goes out of the room while the client undresses and gets under the covers. Even before the therapist has come back in, I have assessed the table situation. What am I lying on? Is it comfortable? Is it warm enough? (I'm always cold so I need some warm sheets.)

Feeling out the setting before my session even gets started sets up my mood instantly. If I feel warm, covered, and cozy, I relax instantly. This makes it much easier for my massage therapist to work out all my crazy knots. I have had fleece blankets before. They are wonderful. I felt taken care of. I felt like a queen. This is how you want your clients to feel. They will have a better experience; thus, you will probably create more business for yourself and possibly get a bigger tip.

Now, a massage table fleece pad is not always necessary to create the aforementioned state. I will say, though, that it helps. High-count cotton sheets are wonderful as well. They are clean and comfortable. For a sense of luxury, however, use a fleece pad. You can get one that wraps around the corners of your table, or one that is flat and is strapped with elastic bands.

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