Massage Tables

Written by Liza Hartung
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You cannot very well start a decent massage business without massage tables. If you are starting a home practice, you will only need one, but make it a decent one. Depending on how seriously you are going to take your business, and what kind of client list you want, you will make appropriate choices.

If this is going to be just a little hobby for you, then get a basic table. I suggest one that is collapsible so you can store it easily. No matter what your business needs, have a face rest for your massage tables. You don't want your clients' necks out of whack while you try to fix their backs. If massage is what you love and you want to do this full time, invest in a higher-end chair. Even if you can't afford it, the purchase will pay off later.

It is cheaper to get a more expensive table now than to get a less expensive one now and upgrade later. Most spas and salons have tables already there for you. Some, however, just have a space for you to work from and you will have to provide your own chair. You can get an electric portable chair if you'd like. They allow you to adjust your client's height with the simple push of a button. This benefits you and your client.

Massage Tables for Every Need

If you know you will not have a traveling business, you can invest in a stationary table. They are slightly sturdier than portable ones, and can have cabinets or storage space underneath. If you like, you can also get a salon table. These look more like lounge chairs in that there is a place for the head, back, bottom, upper and lower leg, as well as arm rests. All of these are adjustable to fit every possible client. Look for massage tables that best suit your needs and those of your clients.

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