Massage Therapy

Written by Jen Nichol
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Massage therapy used to be thought of as a luxury. Now, however, more and more people are becoming cognizant of its very real health benefits. The muscles can stay firm, the immune system strong, and our psyches alert and relaxed with regular massage therapy. A good massage therapist can help anyone stay young and healthy, more able to deal with whatever comes our way with equanimity.

Everyone puts their bodies through stress and strain. You don't have to be an athlete to need massage. In fact, more and more people who work at laptops or computer stations are discovering that massage can help to relieve back and neck strain that prevents them from looking and feeling their best.

Massage Therapy Offers a Multitude of Benefits

There are openings for massage therapists in local hospitals, spas, health clubs, and chiropractic offices. Many massage therapists work out of their homes, or get together with other therapists to open an office. Massage has so many beneficial applications, that some corporations even hire therapists to come into the office on a regular basis to keep up productivity and morale!

Massage therapy training can teach people how to work with people who have suffered from a number of ailments, including physical injury, illnesses, work strain, pregnancy, and overwork. Massage affects every part of our being, and can have a positive effect on mood and psychological health. So much of what we feel emotionally is a direct response to how well our bodies are feeling, and massage can make a big difference.

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