Massage Therapy Techniques

Written by Jen Nichol
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All massage therapy techniques leverage the power of touch. It sounds so simple: massage is simply touch, expertly and professionally applied. Yet, more and more studies are showing that touch can have more healing power than pharmaceuticals, and it can address the entire person, body, mind, and emotions.

Massage therapy techniques vary dramatically according to style and place of origin. Swedish-style massage tends to offer medium pressure and vigorous strokes. Chinese sports massage incorporates a lot of stretching and joint rotation, and deep tissue works at the level of the fascia, for profound release of destructive holding patterns.

There Are a Number of Massage Therapy Techniques

Regardless of the style, all massage encourages lymph drainage and lowers cholesterol. Cholesterol is what mammals produce in response to stress, and our levels are not a result of the cholesterol we eat, as so many people believe. When we can regulate our stress responses with touch, we can normalize all of our bodies' responses for a longer, healthier life.

Therapists tend to want to learn the massage therapy techniques that they, themselves, love to receive. Athletes tend to want to go into sports massage, and physical therapists love to learn deep tissue styles. There is a style for everyone, and many therapists create their own style, borrowing from the ancient modalities that they have learned.

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