Portable Massage Tables

Written by Liza Hartung
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Portable massage tables are perfect for any therapist who either does or is thinking about doing house calls. If you are a new therapist and you are not quite sure what kind of table to get, but know you need one soon, I suggest a portable table. If you decide to stay stationary, then just keep your table set up. However, if you start getting into house calls, you will be glad you made the investment for a portable table.

The Good and Bad of Portable Massage Tables

First, let's start with why you might not want portable massage tables. If you are opening a spa, you will probably want to have stationary tables. Non-portable tables are stronger and just look better. Some have cabinets or storage space underneath. When your clients walk into a room and see a wooden stationary table, they will automatically think that you have made more of an investment than if you had a metal folding table. This may not be true, but you need to know how your clients' minds work.

If you are going to have a private practice with just you and a table and do not plan on doing any traveling for massages, you will want a stationary table. However, if you think you may start performing house calls, a portable table is a good idea. Portable tables allow you the luxury of moving your practice at any time. I have some friends who are massage therapists and they make the most money by going to people's houses.

In addition, you can either leave your folded up table in your car, or you can store it easily in your home. This is great if you live in an apartment or small house. You don't need a massage table taking up an entire room when it is not in use. Portable massage tables are convenient and conducive to a traveling practice.

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