Reiki Tables

Written by Liza Hartung
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In order for me to explain Reiki tables, I first have to tell you briefly what Reiki is. Reiki is a Japanese way of healing. It uses chi, the energy forces of the universe. The energy is harnessed and has very powerful healing properties. If you would like further information, I suggest looking on the Internet, going to a bookstore, or visiting a local holistic center.

Reiki is pretty amazing. Some of you may not believe in this, and that's okay. Just know that it is out there, and you can get specific massage tables to encourage this practice. Reiki tables are made to be compatible with the healing ways of Reiki. They do not look much different than regular massage tables. Reiki tables are mostly the same as massage tables, although some better reiki tables are available with reiki end plates, to allow the therapist to place his knees under the head or foot of the table while sitting on a stool and working on the head/shoulders or feet.

Reiki Tables for Holistic Healing

One major provider of tables for Reiki is Earthlite. These two go well together. Reiki is all about healing with natural abilities. All of Earthlite's products are environmentally friendly. They use no wood from rainforests, and are made to last so each table will not end up in a landfill after only a few years. Earthlite always has the best needs of the environment in mind.

Reiki tables also have optional end plates for your table. If you have ever been giving a massage and continually hit your knees or legs, this could be a product for you. They help your table stick out over the legs so that you can move around without fear of whacking your knees.

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