Salon Table

Written by Liza Hartung
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A really good salon table is slightly different than regular massage tables. Salon tables look a bit like luxurious lawn chairs on a pole. They bend at every place where the human body naturally bends. There is a place for the head, back, torso, upper and lower leg, feet, and arms. All of these points are adjustable in order to fit any client who comes through your door.

These kinds of tables are perfect for manicures, pedicures, and leg and arm massages .. almost anything you could conceive of. Depending on your type of practice and your budget, you can get a manual table or an electric one. Electric tables are amazing because you can adjust the height and angles of your client's body with a simple press of a button. Most of the time, this button is on a pedal on the floor and all you have to do is apply some pressure with your foot.

This feature of a table provides the most comfort for your client. Let us say that you have to adjust your client for whatever reason and you do not have an electric table. You will have to have your client sit up and move while you adjust things one at a time. This takes up your time and is no fun for your client, especially if she was all cozy.

Benefits of a Salon Table

Personally, I love the salon table. It makes me feel great, as though I am being well taken care of. If I come in willing to pay a good amount for a massage or some other salon service, I want to feel like I am getting what I paid for. If a therapist puts me on a cheap table with cheap linens and a hectic environment, he or she has lost me as a client. Even if you don't have all the money right away, I suggest investing in better products. Your clients are more likely to return and you end up with a better business.

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