Sports Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Sports massage helps athletes to perform their best. For weekend warriors and sports hobbyists, sports massage is a way of disbursing lactic acid, promoting healing, increasing flexibility, and preventing injury. Sports massage is often a combination of Swedish, trigger point, and Shiatsu massage. It can vary from sport to sport, since a dancer is likely to use his quadriceps differently than a football player does, and a hockey player needs his arms treated differently than a baseball player.

Sports Massage and Healing

Massage has long been regarded as a technique to promote healing. Whether this healing takes place due to athletic training or after medical treatment hardly matters. The body is constantly in a state of breaking down and building back up. Massage can help speed up the release of toxins and the increase of life-giving oxygen.

Massage is fabulous for people who suffer from chronic pain or discomfort. Chronic illnesses like T.M.J. or migraine headaches are often triggered by stress. Release the stress through deep tissue massage or other massage techniques, and you reduce the incidents and intensity of headaches and other ailments. For those who suffer from asthma, arthritis, lupus and other ailments, massage can be a tremendous blessing.

It is most effective when combined with an all over health regimen. Although massage feels good for everyone, it may have the most impact when combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of rest. Make sure you drink a lot of room temperature water or weak green tea after your massage. This will help your body expel the toxins released during the massage more quickly.

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