Sports Massage Therapy

Written by Jen Nichol
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Sports massage therapy offers a variety of important benefits to athletes and anyone else who takes their body seriously. Athletes don't just operate on a physical level. They also have to control their emotions and responses to stress to stay at the top of their game.

On a physical level, massage keeps the tissues young by promoting increased circulation. Also, strained muscles heal faster with touch and appropriate manipulation. Increased blood flow also gets white blood cells to the rips and tears in our ligaments quickly, so we can be back on our feet and out of pain in no time.

Sports Massage Therapy Creates Winning Bodies

On a psychological level, massage helps sports participants handle stress and competition more effectively. Winners know how to use stress to improve their game, and not to let it destroy their concentration. Beneficial touch, like massage, regulates our endorphin levels and hormone levels to keep us in the relaxed, yet alert state of mind that keeps people able to respond quickly to demands.

Sports massage therapy is in great demand. It is no longer just something that professional athletes require. Now, almost everyone who has made a real commitment to feeling strong and vital has made a commitment to making regular massage therapy appointments.

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