Stress In Boston

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Forward thinking employers are counteracting employee stress by offering on site chair massage. Chair massage is a technique in which the massage therapist brings a portable massage chair (rather than a table) to an office or event. She sets up the chair in a conference room, office, or break room, and works on each employee for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

Stress and Massage

Massage is a powerful way of dealing with stress. Employees who receive chair massages are more productive, better able to focus, and happier. They are able to deal with clients and fellow employees more successfully. Stress between fellow employees can lead to a tense office environment. Massaging that stress away makes the office the kind of place employees feel loyal to and happy in.

This holiday season, you may want to give gift certificates for massages to all your loved ones and close friends. This is a very easy gift to buy. You may not even have to visit the spa, since you can often order the gift certificates online. Don't worry about parents who are afraid the massage will be too painful or invasive. The massage therapist will consult each recipient before working on him or her, at which point your mom or dad can request a lighter, more relaxing massage.

The intensity of a massage may have a lot more to do with the technique being used than the therapist performing the massage. A good therapist should be able to handle the light strokes and relaxing touch of a Swedish massage as deftly as the more intense movements of trigger point therapy. In the end, you and your family should be treated to exactly the kind of massage you have dreamed of.

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