Thera Cane

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Thera Cane is exactly what it sounds like. It is a cane-like instrument that provides self-massage therapy. It looks like a short, rubbery green cane with little knobs poking off. It is a simple invention designed to help individuals take care of their own sore muscles and knots. You don't need someone around to hit the hard-to-reach spots. You can just grab the cane and then places such as the middle of your back are suddenly no problem to tackle.

Have you ever been at home, by yourself, perhaps doing chores or something physical, and you suddenly notice that you have a very sore muscle? Then, have you ever tried to massage that spot all by yourself? I have. Usually, I can't reach the exact spot or I get tired of rubbing long before I have made any serious headway. Had I owned a Thera Cane, I could have helped relieve my pain quickly and more effectively.

Thera Cane for Quick, At-Home Relief

If you are sitting there thinking to yourself, "Oh, this sounds great, but I know I would order it and I would be so confused and frustrated that I would never use it." On the contrary--Thera Cane is extremely easy to use. It comes with very simple and direct instructions. If you are still unsure, you can access the directions online and see if they make sense to you. They will tell you how to use the cane standing up, lying down, and sitting. Using it in all of these positions allows you to attack your knots from every possible angle.

The only real instruction you need is just to hold one of the knobs on the cane directly on your knot and apply pressure. You will do this for several seconds at a time and release in between. As your knot begins to loosen, apply more pressure. As the directions will tell you, it is best to drink water and possibly take a warm bath in order to assist in the outflow of toxins.

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