Winchester Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Regular massage is essential to good health. We all know that stress is terrible for the body. Stress can trigger conditions such as migraine headaches and bouts of T.M.J. Stress can shorten the breath, grip the muscles, and bundle up the nerves. Tension restricts the flow of blood, makes digestion difficult, and leads to insomnia. Winchester massage takes all that tension and stress and releases it.

Winchester Massage and Relaxation

We, as Americans, don't place a high value on relaxation. We may read articles or watch news programs that advocate simplicity, relaxation, and calm, but few of us actually prioritize these virtues in our lives. In other cultures, saunas, spas, daily naps and massages are the norm. In our culture, we are taught to sleep little, eat quickly, and work often.

Winchester massage is a very simple, pleasurable way of making relaxation a true priority. It's a very effective tool for dealing with stress. Massage techniques like deep tissue massage or foot reflexology boost the immune system, improve posture and muscle tone, disburse lactic acid and toxins, help prevent injuries and deepen the breathing. Better circulation and deeper breathing will give all the cells in your body what they crave--lots of rich, powerful oxygen.

In short, massage is as essential to good health as eating right, exercising regularly, and sleeping sensibly. Inflexible, spastic backs, tense necks, sluggish skin and bad posture are all symptoms of the disease of stress. Take stress seriously, and you will lead a healthier, more productive, longer life.

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