911 Cell Phones

Written by Norene Anderson
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For 911 cell phones to work efficiently, they must be equipped with GPS (Global Positioning Systems). The state must establish PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) to read the GPS signal. Due to the high cost for the states to set up the necessary PSAPs, several states are not yet on board with this latest technology. It is especially comforting to know that help is only a three-digit call away.

This is important for the traveler, but it is just as important for your senior family members to have quick access to emergency help when it is needed. There is a cell phone with one-button to push for summoning help. It has a GPS system so the operator taking your emergency call can know exactly where you are located. This device gives many family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are as close to help as pushing a button.

Peace of Mind with 911 Cell Phones

The 911 cell phones can be used to frighten intruders or attackers and to get the attention of people in the area. It is possible to use the emergency cell phone nationwide. If you are visiting across the state or across the nation, service is available wherever there is cellular service. This phone can actually do all the talking for you without saying a word. When the button is pushed, the operator receiving the call knows who you are, the contact person for you, and can locate you by GPS if you are unable to speak.

Many types of services are available for 911 cell phones. Some provide other services such as travel directions or contacting family members. Before entering into a contract or buying a phone designed only for 911 calls, make sure the provider is a reputable company. Check with the Better Business Bureau for the company name. This will identify any complaints filed against the quality of service or the method of handling business.

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