Caregiver Resources

Written by Norene Anderson
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Caregiver resources are an invaluable tool for the hundreds of thousands of family members entrusted with the care of an elderly or invalid relative. The Internet offers a near endless list of links to organizations and support groups for every possible kind of illness or disease. The task of caring and providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of another individual can become overwhelming.

There is often comfort in knowing there are other people experiencing the same sense of frustration and helplessness that you are having. The days and weeks can become a blur because of the physical and psychological demands on a caregiver. Often the caregiver resources will offer methods of stress relief without compromising the time spent caring for the dependent person.

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Caregiving is a process that may last days or it may last for years. The first step is determining the need for care and if you are willing to accept the responsibility. If you are entering the caregiver role, learn as much as you can about the disease or illness. A good understanding of the process, limitations, and prognosis will help stabilize your emotions. At the same time, recognize your own limits. Plan ahead for scheduled times away from the responsibility.

If the care recipient is able to communicate, maintain a good relationship by sharing special times together. Understand that it is okay to share the grief and pain of loss. Caregiver resources offer ways to guide you through the emotional journey of the need to consider nursing home placement without the guilt of abandonment. For whatever stage of caregiving you are, there are resources to help you.

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