Emergency Help

Written by Norene Anderson
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Emergency help is a serious concern for the elderly and their families. In the best of circumstances, it is very difficult to decide the appropriate or necessary time an elderly family member has reached a point of needing the extended care of a nursing home. Most families know the elderly prefer to stay in their home and do everything they can to make it possible. There are some situations where it is just not possible to honor those wishes.

The emergency medical systems available make it possible for seniors to remain in their home for an average of five or more years longer than those not using an emergency call system. This does not mean that they do not experience the same falls or difficulties as those without a lifeline to help. It just means that the situation can be dealt with before added complications set in.

Security of Emergency Help

When a person falls and cannot reach emergency help for hours, it has a tremendous impact on the entire body systems. Anxiety and pain will increase the blood pressure. If there is bleeding from the injury, it could become life threatening very quickly. If a person falls and breaks a hip, the ability to get water or nourishment is out of the question. Some individuals have been known to lie on the floor for 24 hours or more before being found.

The benefit of having the ability to summon emergency help with the push of a button will facilitate rapid treatment of any physical trauma. The pain level can be quickly monitored and treated. The knowledge that help will be on the way with the push of a button reduces the anxiety level of the injured. Overall, the recovery rate is more rapid and so is the ability to return to independent living.

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