Independent Living Aids

Written by Norene Anderson
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Independent living aids make it possible for hundreds of thousands of physically challenged individuals to take care of all activities for daily living. This enables them to maintain total independence. Helps are available for mobility, vision, dexterity, hearing, and memory difficulties. Many of these challenges are manifest in the elderly.

Watches are available that can be programmed to remind the forgetful mind to take medications. Phones are designed with flashing lights to alert the hearing impaired of an incoming call. Lighting can be placed in strategic places and set on a timer to provide well-lit paths throughout the home at all times.

A Variety of Independent Living Aids

One of the most valuable independent living aids is the security of a medical alert system. This allows the individual to go about the everyday routine knowing that should a medical emergency arise, help is just the push of a button away. The ability to summon a neighbor or family member for immediate help gives great peace of mind. The operators monitoring the devices will make sure whatever the emergency is will be handled appropriately.

Independent living aids will give your elderly family members the best opportunity to live in their own home. The family members in the sandwich generation are caught between caring for elderly parents and maintaining an active home life with their children. Places of employment are not always accommodating when time is needed to check on the parents. Having a home medical alert system in place will bridge the gap and offer a sense of security for all.

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