Medical Alert Jewelry

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical alert jewelry is designed with a look of elegance for every taste and fashion. It is important to identify special needs to alert rescue personnel to any medical condition. It is most common for diabetics and heart patients to wear some type of medical jewelry. A piece of jewelry with the medical emblem engraved will catch the attention of medical personnel.

The jewelry may be a bracelet, pendant, locket, charm, or anklet. Pendants are available in 14K gold, sterling silver, 10K gold, stainless steel, 14KW white gold, and gold with silver overlay. These will wear well with any attire. They are elegantly designed to be fashionable as well as life saving.

Medical Alert Jewelry Is Elegant

The bracelets are available in the same materials as the pendants. The bracelets are available in sizes for small ladies or children to men's size. The anklet is only made for ladies in a 9-inch size. The locket can be engraved with up to 36 characters, depending on the style. All of the medical alert jewelry can be engraved with the pertinent medical information.

Anyone with a potential life-threatening disease or illness should wear medical alert jewelry regardless of age. People with severe allergies to medications should have those clearly defined in case of an emergency. There are standard medications given by protocol for the various types of emergencies. It is beneficial in initiating the best treatment if the attending personnel know a patient's allergies before treatment is underway.

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