Medical Alert Monitoring

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical alert monitoring is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There are no closings for holidays or weekends. Someone is available to take the calls and process them in the best interest of the subscriber. It is a win-win situation when an elderly parent can have the independence of living at home with the protection of a 24-hour guardian.

With medical alert monitoring, someone is watching out for the safety of each subscriber. For individuals with muscular diseases, diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis, and any disease that compromises safety, a medical monitoring system is the answer. It allows the freedom to remain in a home environment with the knowledge that if at any time help is needed, it is as close as pushing a button on the alert device.

The Safety of Medical Alert Monitoring

It is not difficult to learn to use the medical monitoring alarms. A console is hooked up to the telephone line and a wireless attachment is worn as a pendant, wristband, or clip on a pocket or belt. The wireless attachment and the console have a large button that is easy to push. It automatically connects to the monitoring service and help is on the way.

Do not let your elderly family members live in fear of falling or becoming ill with no one to help them. The options are for purchasing or for renting the equipment to have an in-home medical security system. It is even possible to have a GPS watch to keep up with them as they are out and about. You can easily see if they made it to the doctor's appointment or across town to visit a friend.

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