Peace Of Mind

Written by Norene Anderson
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Peace of mind can be evasive when you have an elderly parent living across town, in another city, or even in another state. The constant wondering if your parent may have fallen and he or she is unable to get up or if they remembered to take their medicine on time can be overwhelming. It is not always feasible for family members to be able to watch over elderly parents, especially if they are still employed and raising their family.

The next best thing to being there is to know that someone reliable is watching out for your loved ones. It is great to rely on friends and neighbors, but they are not there in the middle of the night or even at times during the daytime. A fall could occur at breakfast and the injured not be found until the afternoon when the neighbor comes by to bring in the mail.

Let a Panic Button Give Peace of Mind

The only way to have complete peace of mind is to equip your elderly parent with some type of medical alert system where all they must do is push a panic button and help will be on the way. This will give you and your loved one a relief from the anxiety of not having someone with them at all times. The rapid response of the sponsoring system is activated immediately.

The operators with the emergency system will assess the situation and call the appropriate people to intervene. It may be making a call to the neighbor to unlock the door and stay with the injured until paramedics arrive. It may be alerting family or friends to meet the injured at the hospital. It may be just to send someone over to check on an unusual sound or happening in the home. Whatever the case, the operator will follow through and make sure everything is okay before hanging up the call.

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