Seniors Safety

Written by Norene Anderson
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Seniors safety is an issue that millions of families deal with every day. The desire for independence is often offset by the need for security and a helping hand. Thousands of seniors are injured or they die from injuries sustained from a fall. Many are trapped in a burning home because they did not awaken from sleep before smoke inhalation killed them.

Many of these victims could have been helped if they would have been utilizing one of the best safety tools on the market for seniors. It is a panic button that is simple to use and it summons help immediately. Sensors detect changes in the atmosphere such as smoke or carbon monoxide. An alert is immediately sent to the emergency operator and the operator notifies the local fire department. If neighbors are listed as an immediate contact person, they are called to check on the individual and initiate safety measures.

Seniors Safety Issues

Concern for seniors and their safety is certainly a valid issue for family members. If elderly parents are able to take care of their daily needs, it is great to allow them the satisfaction of remaining in their homes as long as possible. Some common sense safety precautions should be taken. Remove all throw rugs. These are only an accident waiting to happen. Put rails up for the tub and shower to assist getting in and out on a slippery surface.

Strategically place night lights throughout the home to give adequate lighting for those trips to the bathroom or maybe a late night snack. Remove furniture and items that clutter or have sharp corners. After making the home as accident proof as possible, set them up with a medical alert system and then let them enjoy living as long as they can. Family members can rest knowing that if anything happens, they will be notified immediately by the emergency response center.

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