Wireless Panic Buttons

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wireless panic buttons are used in thousands of hospitals across the nation. This same type of communication technology is available for use in the home. It is a way for seniors to feel safe at home day and night. The availability of help is just the push of a button away. This confidence is helping seniors live independently many years longer than before. No longer does one have to be in the hospital or nursing home to call for help by pushing a button.

The wireless communication with a console unit allows the wearer to move about freely in the surroundings. Some have a range wide enough to allow for going outdoors. Your elderly parents can enjoy sitting on the front porch or roaming in the backyard flower garden without fear of falling or having an accident and no one finding them for hours or days.

More Wireless Panic Buttons

Some systems alert the professionally trained operators when a fall is indicated. This occurs when the pendant or wristband panic button indicates a horizontal position when the wearer should be vertical. A loud beep sounds on some of the models and the operator attempts verbal communication if a two-way system is installed. If there is no response, paramedics are sent to the home.

In addition to the paramedics, the operator will contact the nearest person to get help as soon as possible. The wireless panic buttons are a great device to give peace of mind to the family elders and the family members. The family can allow the elderly the privacy and dignity they deserve and know that if there is a need, they will be contacted immediately.

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