Adult Protective Underwear

Written by Amy Hall
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Adult protective underwear can make an enormous difference in the life of any person who suffers from bladder control problems, otherwise known as incontinence. Unfortunately, incontinence becomes more of a problem as we age, and treating it medically can be challenging. There are some oral medications that sufferers can take that can help control powerful bladder contractions that make it nearly impossible to make it to the bathroom in time.

However, even with such medications, leakage sometimes happens, which means one must be ready with the proper adult undergarments. Many people choose to wear adult protective underwear, also known as adult pull-ups, in lieu of other options. Such disposable underwear fit like regular underwear, are moisture absorbent, and can be thrown away.

Adult protective underwear is manufactured using a cloth-like substance, so they do not make noise when worn. In addition, they have easy tear sides should one want to remove them quickly and easily. Furthermore, these pull-up underwear can be worn all day, as long as they are not soiled, which means fewer get tossed in the garbage unnecessarily.

Discreet Adult Protective Underwear

Having to deal with incontinence can be a real drag. Further complicating matters is that many people who suffer from bladder control problems are embarrassed about their condition and do not want others to know. Wearing disposable underwear offers incontinence sufferers the ability to function normally, without worrying about leakage, odor, or obvious show-through.

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