All In One Capsule Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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As the natural health industry becomes more and more popular among American consumers, all in one capsule kits are steadily rising in popularity as well. Often available through online retailers, all-inclusive capsule kits usually include the customer's choice of capsule filling machines, empty capsules, and some kind of tamping tool. More elaborate machines may also include hardware that can accommodate multiple capsule sizes.

The same types of personal capsule filling machinery that are sold without kits are also usually available in all in one capsule kits. In general, this includes simple, compact capsule filling products that allow users to fill between 50 and 100 capsules at a time, hassle-free. The capsule orienting mechanisms and changeable fill trays of some more expensive machines are also sometimes available as parts of all in one capsule kits.

Most personal capsule filling machines, whether simple or extravagant, use similar design principles. The main component of the machines is a fill tray that holds the empty capsules during filling. Attached to the fill tray on many machines is a reservoir that collects excess powder or herbal mixtures. Once the capsules are filled and tamped, they can be recapped and removed from the fill tray without danger of spillage or breakage.

Purchasing All in One Capsule Kits

All in one kits can be quite a bit cheaper than purchasing the individual components separately--sometimes by as much as ten dollars or more. In many cases, stores offer the same manufacturer guarantees and quick processing with kits as with standard merchandise. They make great gifts, but (because they commonly include whole capsule filling machines) they may be of more interest to people who are new to producing their own supplements than to people who already own capsule-producing equipment from previous endeavors.

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