Bedside Commodes

Written by Amy Hall
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Bedside commodes are perfect for home use, as they give the patient the ability to use the bathroom, without having to walk across the room or down the hall to the rest room. These commodes come in various styles and prices, to suit your personal taste and budget. They are also designed to last, so if you buy a bedside commode today, you can expect it to be in good working condition years from now.

Look for bedside commodes that are manufactured to be rust-resistant. Powder-coated aluminum is probably the most rust-resistant materials used today for these mobile commodes. Look for features such as padded arms, lockable wheels, and adjustable seats for the greatest comfort and ease of use.

When you order bedside commodes online from a store that sells wholesale medical products, you can expect to receive your package complete with seat, lid, and collection pail. In most cases, splash guards are sold separately. The weight capacity for these commodes is generally 250 pounds, so you may have to investigate other avenues if the person who would be using the commode is heavier than the weight limit.

Bedside Commodes and Medical Supplies Online

Fortunately, you can browse for bedside commodes online, which makes it easy to compare products and prices. You can likely find some fantastic deals when you purchase your medical supplies through online wholesalers, who sell to the general public. As with any purchase you make via the Web, always find out about the store's return policy before you make your purchase.

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