Capmquik Capsule Fillers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Among the many different varieties of capsule filling machines available, CapmQuik capsule fillers are distinguished as being one of the most inexpensive options in capsule filling systems. As the health food industry grows in leaps and bounds, more consumers are looking for options in packaging their own custom-mixed dietary supplements. CapmQuik capsule fillers represent a low-cost, efficient method of safely and securely filling multiple capsules at once.

Like many other types of capsule filling machines, CapmQuik capsule fillers are built around a capsule filling tray that holds the bottom halves of empty capsules steady, allowing users to easily sweep powder mixtures into them and to tamp the contents down. With the flip of a switch, the tray drops, exposing the top rim of the capsules so that the caps can be replaced quickly and easily. Filled capsules are then removed, and the machine can be quickly reset for a new batch of empty capsules.

CapmQuik machines are made of plastic, which is one of the factors in keeping the machines inexpensive. They can be disassembled and cleaned easily, and contain as few moving parts as necessary (basically, the switch is the only moving part). They are available in a variety of different sizes and will fit capsule sizes such as 0, 00, and 000.

Purchasing CapmQuik Capsule Fillers

Like other capsule filling machines, CapmQuik machines are available from some health food stores and many Internet vendors. In some cases, empty capsules--both gelatin and vegetarian--are also available from the same source. Some retailers also offer money-back satisfaction guarantees or other customer services.

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