Capsule Fillers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many people who are interested in customizing their dietary supplements and organizing their own routine may be interested in the variety of capsule fillers that are on the market. Most capsule fillers are small devices that allow people to fill multiple capsules simultaneously and easily, allowing them to fill a month's worth of capsules in a matter of minutes. Others are even smaller, and can be used for filling individual capsules or for measuring capsules by weight.

Larger, batch capsule fillers can commonly fill between 2,000 and 10,000 capsules per hour. Most of these filling machines operate by sinking the body of the capsule so that it is even with the top of the machine's filling tray. An operator can then pour the contents into multiple capsules at once, spreading the contents to fill the capsules evenly and tamping down. Depending on the machine, one single operational phase can fill between 50 and 200 capsules.

Other capsule filling machines are made to fill individual capsules, and some can weigh them to an accuracy of within one milligram. Precision weight filling systems consist of an electronic device to release the capsule contents, a scale to weigh the capsule, and a small chamber to protect the capsules (or in some cases, bottles) while filling. Filling machines without scales are often simply lightweight metal stands that accept a funnel attachment and can be used with or without an analytical scale.

Purchasing Capsule Fillers

Capsule filling machines are readily available through the Internet. Some vendors specialize in one type of machine, such as small batch filling machines for home use. Other online retailers offer a variety of machines that are suitable for many different environments, from scientific labs to small businesses.

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