Disposable Adult Briefs

Written by Amy Hall
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Disposable adult briefs can make dealing with moderate to severe incontinence easier. Adult briefs are somewhat more cumbersome than adult protective underwear, but they do a fantastic job at preventing leaks and keeping moisture away from the skin. More expensive brands have resealable tape that allows them to be opened and closed repeatedly without tearing.

Although these disposable adult briefs may cost more money upfront, they can save you money in the long-run because each one lasts longer. A material called "fluff" is present throughout the side wings of the briefs, which prevents the hip area from overheating and breaking out in a rash. Polymer, which is the super-absorbent, odor-reducing material contained in the middle of the briefs, neutralize ammonia in urine.

It is also important to look for disposable adult briefs that are contoured to fit the shape of the body, which will be infinitely more comfortable for the user. The leg openings should be gathered enough to hold in wetness, but to never be tight and constricting. Highly visible wetness indicators make it easy for the user to tell if the brief needs to be changed.

Disposable Adult Briefs for Bladder Problems

Adult briefs come in a variety of sizes, from youth all the way up to extra-large adult. Typically you would order the size that you would wear for your regular underwear, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. You can purchase adult briefs and other incontinence products online, through wholesale medical product distributors.

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