Disposable Underpads

Written by Amy Hall
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Disposable underpads can be used on top of mattresses, on wheelchair cushions, as well as on couches and other upholstered furniture for protection from wetness. For incontinence sufferers, day-to-day activities are no longer as carefree as they used to be. It becomes necessary to take precautions against accidents by wearing adult undergarments, using mattress protectors, or placing disposable underpads beneath you while you sleep.

Although this may all seem like a huge drag, the up side is that many incontinence products are now designed with comfort and discretion in mind. No longer do you have to endure bulky, noticeable, and highly uncomfortable contraptions in order to prevent leakage. Finally, you have options when it comes to managing your incontinence, so that it does not manage you.

Disposable underpads are placed underneath you when you sleep to catch any urine and keep it from ruining your mattress. The outer layer is soft, and feels cloth-like, so you don't really notice that it is there. The backing is made out of polypropylene, which is waterproof and will not allow moisture to seep through to the bedding.

Sleep Well with Disposable Underpads

If you are tired of worrying about nighttime accidents, and as a result, you rarely sleep soundly anymore, you may want to consider using underpads for your bed. These highly absorbent pads will keep moisture away from your expensive bedding and away from your skin. You can finally close your eyes at night and drift off into a deep sleep, knowing that both you and your bed are completely protected from wetness and odor.

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