Folding Walkers

Written by Amy Hall
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Folding walkers can make it much easier for the user to manipulate, which in turn prevents accidents such as falling or slipping. Dual-button folding walkers are generally considered much safer, as they allow one side to be folded at a time, thus providing more support for the individual. Overall, dual button folding walkers are more expensive than their one button folding counterparts.

However, thanks to wholesale medical supplies online, the public can usually obtain these walkers at great prices that won't break the bank. The Internet can be a great place to shop, not only because it is convenient, but because it gives you the ability to browse and do some research, before making any purchases. This can be especially helpful when you are looking at medical products that are costly and not covered by insurance.

Look for walkers that are lightweight and easy to maneuver, even for people with very little upper body strength. Walkers should be easy to fold and just as easy to store. Durable walkers manufactured out of high-strength materials, such as anodized aluminum tubing, keep rust at bay.

Folding Walkers for Durable Assistance

An added feature, which makes folding walkers easier to use, is the push-button height adjustment option. When the button is pressed, the walker can be lowered or extended in one inch increments. Handgrips should be soft for greater user-comfort. Wheels are optional, but can make getting around much easier for the user.

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