Forearm Crutches

Written by Amy Hall
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If you are looking for forearm crutches, the chances are pretty good that you are shopping around for the best price. Well, fortunately, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get a pair of high-quality crutches that can help anyone get around with ease. Whether the crutches are for short term rehabilitative care, or are for every day use, it is important that they are comfortable.

Look for forearm crutches that are lightweight, have push-button adjustability, and feature soft forearm cuffs for comfort. Crutches should be manufactured out of a durable material, such as aluminum, which will withstand constant use. Handgrips should also be made out of soft, yet sturdy, padding.

The tips of the forearm crutches should also be made out of a non-skid material, so they do not slip out from under the user. Push-button positioning allows the user to adjust the height of the crutches in one inch increments. Crutches come in sizes junior/youth, adult, and tall-adult, and the weight capacity is generally no more than 250 pounds.

Forearm Crutches for Ease of Movement

Another safety feature on forearm crutches is the push-button locking system that basically locks the arm cuffs into place for added security. You can purchase these crutches through online stores that sell medical products to the public, including folding wheelchairs, walkers, and wheelchair accessories. When you order through an online retailer, ask about their return policy so you know what the procedure will be, should your crutches not live up to what you had expected.

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