K Capsules

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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K capsules are relatively new additions to the range of natural health products that are available to consumers. Like other vegetarian capsules, K capsules contain no animal products--not even collagen or animal amino acids. Instead, they are produced wholly from vegetable material.

Capsuline, Inc., a Florida-based distributor of personal capsule filling products and home natural health accessories, distributes K capsules to the home market. As an increasing number of people become interested in producing their own dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies, home capsule accessories and similar products are becoming increasingly popular. Distributors such as Capsuline are taking note of this fact, and slowly increasing their home product lines to fill the demand.

How K Capsules Differ from Gelatin Capsules

Most of the capsules available for both home and industrial use are made of gelatin. Gelatin, which is made from animal collagen, has remained popular in the pharmaceutical industry for a few key reasons: it is abundant, inexpensive, and functions well as an easily digestible, neutral ingredient in medication. However, the natural foods market, vegetarian consumers and consumers who are allergic to animal collagen (the main ingredient in gelatin) require an effective alternative.

K capsules and VG capsules, both available empty for home capsule production, are suitable alternatives to gelatin. Though they cost slightly more than gelatin, vegetarian capsules have become the standard in the natural health care market. Currently, non-gelatin capsules are available in every size that gelatin capsules are available in, and are compatible with every type of capsule filling machine.

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