Latex Gloves

Written by Amy Hall
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Most people are familiar with latex gloves simply from visiting the doctor or the dentist. These gloves are used widely in the field of healthcare, because they offer protection, yet they still allow for exceptional tactile sense. These gloves are manufactured using high-grade latex rubber, which has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in a healthcare setting.

Latex gloves should fit snugly to allow for superior tactile feel. Latex gloves come in two versions: powdered or powder-free. The lightly powdered gloves have a small amount of cornstarch sprinkled on to make it easier to pull them on and off. The powder-free gloves have undergone a chlorination bath during manufacturing to help reduce the presence of latex proteins.

Both types of gloves come with a heavy-duty beaded cuff for a sure fit that keeps the glove in place. Latex gloves are available in extra-small (for children or very small hands), small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you purchase these gloves by the case, you can often get lower rates than if you buy in smaller amounts or buy the box.

Latex Gloves for Safety in a Health Care Setting

In this day and age, with many blood borne diseases such as AIDS, it is imperative that those in the field of healthcare practice safety by using latex gloves. It is a precaution that saves lives, and is now considered mandatory in the medical field. You can purchase these gloves online or through traditional retailers that sell medical products, such as gloves, blood pressure kits, wheelchairs, and accessories.

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