Manual Wheelchairs

Written by Amy Hall
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Manual wheelchairs must either be pushed from behind by someone, or the person sitting in the chair can move the wheels forward or backward with their hands. Lightweight wheelchairs are best if the user is able to manipulate the wheels him or herself in order to get around. If the chair is too heavy, it can be difficult for people with weak upper body strength to really be mobile for too long.

When shopping for manual wheelchairs, look for specific features that will be more comfortable for the user. For instance, does the seat cushion have adequate padding and breathable upholstery? Are the arm-rests padded and can they be moved back for easy transfer in and out of the chair? Are the rear wheel brakes easy to apply and easy to release?

These are all important questions you should ask when looking at manual wheelchairs either for yourself or for someone else. The retailer from which you are buying your wheelchair should address all these questions and more. If they cannot answer your questions, or they seem vague, you might want to keep looking for other retailers. You don't want to purchase a wheelchair only to find out that it is not what you thought it would be.

Buying Manual Wheelchairs Online

While it is true that buying a wheelchair is not cheap, it does not have to empty your pockets, either. If you do a bit of research and some price comparisons, you will likely find that you can buy a high-quality wheelchair from an online store that sells wholesale medical supplies to the public. You can rest assured that you will not be sacrificing quality for a price cut, so it pays to look around before buying.

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