Personal Capsule Filling Machines

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are a large variety of personal capsule filling machines on the market that have a range of designs and different features that suit a variety of purposes. Though many share a few common traits, there is still enough variety to give customers plenty of options. Professional-grade machines are also available, and offer customers increased functionality, speed, and other advantages.

Two of the most common shared features of personal capsule filling machines are a perforated fill tray and a reservoir. The fill trays on most capsule filling machines, personal and professional, have two height settings. The first height setting holds the capsules securely in place while the user distributes the capsule contents across the tops of the open capsules. When the capsules are full, and the excess material swept into the reservoir, the user can drop the fill tray to gain access to the tops of the open caps to reattach the upper portion of the capsules.

Another common feature in most personal capsule filling machines is a hand-held tamping tool. The tamping tools consist of a handle attached to a flat plane that is dotted with small protrusions. When aligned with the fill tray, the protrusions compress the individual capsule contents, making room for more powder or herbal remedies.

The Difference between Professional and Personal Capsule Filling Machines

The main difference between personal and professional capsule filling machines is that professional machines can produce more capsules per hour. They do so by using a device that can orient the capsules right side up and automatically distribute them into the fill tray. Some professional machines also include digital scales or devices that distribute the contents into an open capsule to an accuracy of one milligram.

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