Profill Capsule Fillers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Profill capsule fillers are moderately priced, personal capsule filling machines that offer many of the advantages of professional models with the convenience of personal models. They are small enough to be stored anywhere in your home, and disassemble quickly for easy storage. With Profill capsule fillers, people who produce their own customized dietary supplements can quickly, easily, and efficiently produce thousands of customized capsules per hour.

The Advantages of Profill Capsule Fillers

Profill machines have many strong points that set them apart from the competition. Firstly, they are made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, instead of the normal plastic construction. The steel and aluminum are easy to clean, and are not affected by any powder residue that may remain after use.

Secondly, Profill capsule fillers are designed to accommodate multiple capsule sizes. Many personal capsule-filling machines fit only one capsule size, but Profill machines feature changeable parts, which allows users to replace the fill trays with trays for larger or smaller capsules. Each fill tray can hold 100 capsules, and every machine comes with a hand-held 50-pin tamping tool for precise tamping control.

Some Profill machines also come with a capsule orienter, which places empty capsules right side up in the fill tray. The orienter drastically reduces the time-consuming process of manually arranging every single capsule in the fill tray. Users can then easily remove the caps to all of the capsules simultaneously, and later, replace them just as easily.

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