Quad Canes

Written by Amy Hall
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Quad canes are different from other walking canes in that they have four points that touch the floor, which provides greater stability. These canes are perfect for people who suffer from hemiplegia, which is characterized by weakness on one side of the body. It is possible to order quad canes with a small base or with a large base, but the large base providing greater stability.

High-quality quad canes are manufactured from anodized aluminum, which basically means that the metal is coated with a protective layer through a process called electrolysis. This makes the aluminum super strong, yet it is lightweight enough to be easily handled by both children and adults. In addition, these canes are adjustable in one inch increments.

Most quad canes have an easy-to-grip, foam handle for maximum comfort and security. The four point tips are reinforced with rubber to prevent skidding. Furthermore, these canes can be used in either the left hand or the right hand, depending upon which is more comfortable for the user.

Quad Canes for Stability

If you are interested in ordering a quad cane, you can do so through online sites that sell all types of medical products. Ordering online provides you with convenience, as well as the opportunity to save some money. Traditional retailers of medical supplies have to charge more because they have higher overhead costs than online retailers do. This is the reason why you can often find great prices when you shop on the Web.

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