Skin Care Creams

Written by Amy Hall
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Skin care creams can help patients who have various medical conditions that have compromised the skin's integrity. Side effects of diabetes and incontinence include irritated skin, which may or may not result in open sores. It is crucial that the proper medical skin care creams are used to prevent infection from taking hold.

Patients who suffer from incontinence have the worry that their skin is in contact with urine for long stretches of time, such as during the night. As a result, their skin can break down more easily than someone's who does not suffer from incontinence. While the latest technology has made adult undergarments much more effective at drawing urine away from the skin, the risk of irritation is still high for this population of people. The proper skin care creams can help take the sting out of irritated skin.

Medical skin creams are rich in healing botanicals that have the ability to soothe irritated skin. When applied to the surface of the skin, these creams form a protective barrier that keeps moisture away from the affected areas. In addition to providing protection, they also help the skin begin to heal, which is vitally important, as compromised skin can lead to painful infections.

Skin Care Creams for Healing

The latest skin care creams continue to work even after they have been completely absorbed by the skin. This means that you do not have to keep reapplying the cream, which in turn saves you money because the cream lasts longer. For the ultimate in protection and healing, look to medical grade creams that can truly make a difference in the health of your skin.

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