Table Top Autoclaves

Written by Norene Anderson
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Table top autoclaves are used when a portable system is needed. These units come with automatic protection for overflow in the waste collection system. The waste purge system is automated, and it does not require removing the canister manually for cleaning. The allowable noise level is 75 dB. Some units are quiet and others are on the upper end of the noise range.

Table top autoclaves are smaller than standard autoclaves and cannot process as many instruments at one time as the larger counterpart. Although, some table top autoclaves have chamber sizes as large as 15" x 30". Some autoclaves are not equipped to treat porous dressings and towels. Several table top autoclaves are available. One model is a one or two cubic feet chamber for sterilization of small items. Steam is created from distilled water placed in the chamber.

Table Top Autoclaves Are Versatile

The temperature and the pressure rise to a predetermined setting where sterilization occurs. Another model is a cassette design that houses the package and steam chamber. The same basic principle applies. Distilled water is heated and pressurized to reach maximum steam heat. Another unit contains a basket for the instruments where the pressurized steam can reach every crevice.

Autoclaving is the most dependable method of sterilization. Microorganisms cannot hide from the steam under pressure. The intense heat of 250°F for a specified amount of time under pressure will destroy any form of bacteria. The air within the chamber is forced out with the pressurized steam so there is nothing left inside the autoclave except steam and the sterilized articles.

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