Tamper Fillers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Most kinds of capsule filling machines include a few standard parts, including fill trays, reservoirs, and tamper fillers. Some machines may come with optional parts to accommodate more capsule sizes than one, or may be available with analytical scales or other hardware to increase the accuracy of the machines. Some many even come in package deals that include nutritional supplements and empty capsules.

Fill trays, reservoirs, and tamper fillers are common among almost every machine because they directly help fulfill the basic functions of capsule filling machines. The fill tray holds the empty capsule halves during filling, and then drops down to provide the user with easy access to the top edge of the caps, to reattach the lids. The reservoir holds excess powder to be reused in a future filling.

The tamper fillers are often handheld devices the compress the contents of multiple capsules at once. In some machines, the tampers are attached to hinges on the machine, and can be lowered with a handle or lever. All capsule tamping devices contain numerous protrusions along their flat edge that align perfectly with the open capsules.

Professional Filling Machines and Automatic Tamper Fillers

Most personal capsule filling machines can produce over a thousand capsules per hour, without the need for more complex equipment like capsule orienters. Professional capsule filling machines, however, may use orienters and automatic tampers to increase output to 8,000 filled capsules per hour, or more. They may also be available with analytical scales, funnels, and digital machines that accurately distribute content to one milligram.

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