Written by Norene Anderson
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Tuttnauer is a name that is synonymous with autoclaves and sterilization equipment. For nearly 80 years, this company has been providing dental, bio-technology, medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical markets with a variety of sterilization devices. The Tuttnauer influence is experienced internationally through marketing and sales.

The list of equipment designed with technical skill includes table top sterilizers and bulk sterilizers. The autoclaves comply with international standards for validation and safety. The autoclaves meet the standard set by the ASME Code for steam boilers and pressure utensils. All FDA requirements are met. The stamp of approval on the Tuttnauer line of products has guaranteed many years of top-quality equipment production. In addition, all Tuttnauer products come with a two year on site parts and labor warranty.

More about Tuttnauer

Hospital operating suites, day surgeries, research entities, laboratories, clinics, and multiple manufacturing enterprises consider the Tuttnauer name the standard of excellence. The company has a multi-faceted market reaching government agencies, institutions, and private users. Tuttnauer offers management assistance with feasibility analysis through installation of a sterilization process. Their autoclaves are some of the best in the industry, they offer both fully automatic and manual models, and they have even designed the Kwiklave, which reduces cycle time by 50 percent.

Infection control is priority in treating any patient. The benefits of sterilization of equipment and instruments used in the line of medical or dental practice are recognized in the reduction of communicable disease. Safety standards are high on the list of priorities for anyone seeking medical attention. The fear of AIDS, hepatitis, and other serious diseases demands the consumer be assured precautions are ongoing to provide safe, contaminant-free medical care.

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