Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tuttnauer autoclaves are designed for simplicity of use. The units are automated to fill, sterilize, exhaust, and dry with just one touch. The closed-door drying system maintains the integrity of the sterilized products and enhances the efficiency of the drying process. One of the Tuttnauer autoclaves is compact for use in a small office or as a backup for a larger unit when needed. They are one of the only manufacturers that still produces manual autoclaves. All Tuttnauer autoclaves come with a two year on site parts and labor warranty.

Some of the features of Tuttnauer autoclaves include an automatic shut off, electro polished chamber, a safety locking mechanism to prevent the door from opening during cycle, front access drain valve, protection against overheating, and many others. Autoclaves with pre-loaded cycles are available with the option to customize any program parameter.

Using Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Safety features also include a sensor to prevent the sterilization cycle from initiating if the water level is too low. The temperature and pressure are continually monitored. Some systems contain a HEPA filter. Hot air is circulated to facilitate fast drying. If time is of the essence, Tuttnauer's Kwiklave reduces cycle time by 50 percent, meaning you can have your equipment cleaned and ready to use in half the time. The Tuttnauer autoclaves are among the most recognized sterilization equipment in the medical community.

Diseases such as SARS, AIDS, infectious hepatitis, staph, and other contagions make it crucial that every piece of equipment or material used on one patient is autoclaved before coming into contact with another patient or person. Healthcare providers must take care to avoid contamination by carelessly handling infected goods. Disposable waste containing known hazardous matter will be autoclaved prior to disposal to avoid further contamination.

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